The total area of ECO BARRIO is 20 hectares with 80% of untouched and original landscape.

The agricultural sector

About 2 hectares are dedicated to the production of agro-ecological vegetables and fruit, with the integration of some permaculture principles, and to animal farming, whose products are at the disposal of the inhabitants of ECO BARRIO. Of course, people who want to set up their own cheese-making business or something similar in this direction are very welcome. More details about the concept of our integrated "farm" at the ECO BARRIO will follow soon or on request.

The ECO BARRIO "Los Comechingones" has a charter, which applies to all buyers and users of a property, their following generations, as well as to a possible resale of the property and thus to the following owners in the future.

This is part of the sustainability of the project.

Die Grundstücke

Eight parcels of land of one hectare each are for sale. A maximum of 2 houses for personal use can be built on each hectare.

We are committed to creating a neighbourhood that is in harmony with the sustainable goals of this Eco Barrio. Therefore the construction of holiday homes is not allowed and the subleasing of the houses is restricted.

The construction of the houses will be exclusively executed by our affiliated company KREN SOLAR.

Here you can find more information about the properties and the design of the houses ...

The concept of the ECO BARRIO

On the basis of our own experience with ecological housing projects, the research of already existing concepts all over the world, we have developed a well thought-out and detailed concept for this ecological urbanization: a solidary neighbourhood with ecological and humanistic basic principles, which does not follow any fanatical, religious, political or esoteric aims.

The basic idea with its resulting basic rules for the project, which must be respected by all project stakeholders, is a coherent and logical implementation of a respectful, solidary and sustainable treatment of the enviroment: Nature, animals and humans.

The ecotourism

On one hectare, an ECOLODGE (eco-hotel) is projected for guests and tourists who are seeking the peace and quiet of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. However, this area will be clearly separated from the rest of the ECO BARRIO to protect the neighbourhood and their privacy.

The natural reservation

About 6 hectares will be preserved in their natural form as a protected nature reserve. In this special area the construction of two or three small buildings is projected. These buildings will not be permanently inhabited, but used as seminar or personal retreats. In addition, there will be small nature trails in this wildlife refuge to make the area accessible.

A great place to live!


ECO BARRIO "Los Comechingones"


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