the Founders
Anna Fiore

German, born 1969
Argentina for election since 2012
Original name:
Ida Anna Luise Blüml

Ecologist and humanist
Industrial designer
Organizer, communicator and manager
Coach and teacher
Design and development of projects
Since 2012 active in the field of sustainable, ecological and bioclimatic construction and permaculture

Claudio Exequiel Galeano

Argentinian, born 1968
Neuquien, St. Martin


Ecologist and humanist
Engineer and manufacturer of renewable energy technologies - sun, wind, water - for more than 30 years with his company KREN SOLAR
Teacher for renewable energies
Sustainable and bioclimatic house building

"It is our deepest inner conviction that we have a responsibility towards nature and everything we are doing. The best way to fulfil this responsibility is a concrete step towards implementing a sustainable and respectful treatment of the territory and nature under our care and in a respectful human interaction with each other".

We are creating a great place to live!

Member of

- C.E.E.R. - Centro Estudios Energias Renovables

- A.A.D.E.R. - Asociacion Argentina de Energias Renovables

- A.A.V.E.A. - Asociacion Argentina Vehiculos Electricos y Alternativos

- A.P.I.E. - Asociacion Profesionales Ingenieros Especialistas

- C.A.D.E.R. - Camara Argentina de Energias Renovables

Founder of  C.A.E.S. - Camara Argentina Energia Solar


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