A healthful microclimate

TRASLASIERRA is located in the north of the province of Córdoba and extends along a mountainscape. It has a fascinating microclimate, which is unique in the world, mild, almost mediterranean, dry and healthy, and a superior quality of pure air.

Thanks to several natural factors, this area has a microclimate which enriches the air with oxygen and keeps it purified. Inhale!

It is a region where aromatic wild herbs grow. Olives, vines and lavender are cultivated, as well as fruit and vegetables, thanks to its exceptional climate.

Along the hills and in the mountains there are many natural refuges with an intact natural and faunistic world, accompanied by charming little torrents. All this is also visible in the popularity among eco-tourists, who love this almost still untouched natural landscape.

The area attracts many ecologically oriented people to settle here. A large number of small ecologically oriented projects, mostly Europeans or Argentinean immigrants from other provinces, live here in a harmonious coexistence with the local inhabitants who have been living here for a couple of generations. Therefor you can find several small weekly markets where you can find local ecological and handicraft products.


Originally this was the territory of the "Comechingones" natives - a word created by the Spanish conquerors - which in reality were a multitude of small indigenous tribes whose traces can still be found in the mountains.

A great place to live!

Villages such as Mina Clavero and Nono (in the southern part of Traslasierra), but also Merlo are popular destinations for the national tourists who escape from the cities during the summer months of the southern hemisphere (November to March).


ECO BARRIO "Los Comechingones"


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